God Is With Us

There is something marvelous about knowing God.

Knowing his identity.

Knowing the colossal, incredible love He has for you.

Knowing the arrangement He has for your life.

That makes you… well, extraordinary.

I have discovered that:

His effortlessness and delicate benevolent actions make every one of us the more delicate.

His unending adoration encourages us to love others much more.

His safeguarding us from the pit of gloom influences us to need to protect others from a similar destiny.

However, we don’t “protect them.” God does that in His opportunity.

God does that in His chance.

Be guaranteed, He needs none to die. (See 2 Peter 3:9)

What’s more, recollect, you are managing the lost.

You can talk a decent talk all you need, however, they need to see you show others how it’s done.

It is safe to say that you are Fulling The Great Commission?

Each Christian is a pioneer in his own right. In that capacity, you are engaged to:

Sparkle the light on Jesus.

Lead the best approach to Jesus.

Plant the seed for Jesus.

Be a steadfast observer of what Jesus has done in your life.

All things considered, that is our Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20:

What’s more, Jesus came and addressed them, saying, “The sum total of what expert has been given to Me in paradise and on earth. Go in this manner and make supporters of the considerable number of countries, purifying through water them for the sake of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, instructing them to watch everything that I have told you; and lo, I am with you constantly, even to the finish of the age.” Amen

I trust it is God’s wonderful love that makes us more delicate to the situation of the individuals who still don’t know Jesus’ identity or that Jesus came with the goal that you may have life, and have it all the more richly. (See John 10:10)

A valid example:

Recently, I have been getting remarks on my online journals… writes that are years old.

The remarks are worldwide, originating from as far away as England, Australia, and Africa.

Why now? It is safe to say that we are exploring new territory with our blog entry SEOs that Google puts them higher in their pursuits?

Or then again, is God at work in individuals’ lives?

God is His own Search Engine Optimization, you know.

Which is awesome on the grounds that…

1. There are times I believe I should enjoy a reprieve from blog composing. All things considered, I have composed 70 of them over the most recent 3 years. I can go ahead to different things, let another person assume control. In any case, at that point, I see what individuals compose. Maybe God is stating, “Ani, the gather is abundant however the specialists are few (see Matthew 9:37), so don’t stop now. Take a gander at how these websites are influencing individuals.”

2. These online journals truly have any kind of effect in individuals’ lives. Some are harming profoundly. Some are grieved and look for an answer. Others need consolation that God does without a doubt love them. In any case, others question how to love God, and if God cherishes them.

It would be ideal if you keep every one of these individuals in your petitions. Many are battling.

Perhaps they need to know Jesus’ identity and look for His fact.

Perhaps these words are simply a warm cover on a cool night.

It doesn’t make a difference in the reason.

What makes a difference is individuals, God’s kin, is tended to by His Word and through the Holy Spirit.

Vexed, in torment, in lose hope, sorrowful, heathens needing consolation and absolution … these are the general population God sends to our online journals.

I pondered internally, these are similar individuals Jesus met when He strolled the Earth.

These are the general population He came to mend.

Finding A Blog Through God’s Divine Intervention

I have positively no uncertainty these perusers found these sites through God’s perfect intercession.

I figure you will concur after you read a portion of these remarks.

You can visit the web journals being referred to by tapping on the titles.

Check whether you spot yourself in any of the accompanying remarks.

Assuming this is the case, rest guaranteed God cherishes you enough to work in your life.

I was profoundly moved by perusing Dave’s remark.

Which one of us has not battled with the inquiry, “Does God exist?”

Now and then it’s a virtuous answer that says a lot of truth.

1. FROM DAVE on the blog “The Reason Why God Wants You to Be Like a Little Child”:

“I am 76 and for my entire life, I’ve been profoundly disapproved however unfit to trust that God exists. Humankind appears to have influenced an awesome hash to up of their convictions and thoughts of what God is. This idea came into my brain: ‘To trust in God is silly’. Astoundingly, this refrain in the Bible came straight into my considerations… ‘be as meager youngsters to know me’. I comprehended out of the blue what that implied. … A light minute that has changed my life.”

2. FROM JANICE on the blog “Do You Know the Different Ways That God Can Heal?”:

“This has truly helped me. I have encountered recuperating by God calling home his hireling my mother. She was wiped out and I implored alongside others for mending yet understood her recuperating stopped by leaving this old body and getting the better and brighter one God had for her. Presently I have a companion who malignancy has assumed control over her body. I don’t comprehend what God is doing. In any case, implore that he will have his direction.”

3. FROM GR on the blog “Is Sin Drowning Out the Voice of God in Your Life?”:

“This article was difficult to peruse… yet it was precisely what I expected to hear. It influenced me to understand that in spite of the fact that I am an adherent, I have not enabled Jesus to be Lord and focus in all parts of my life. I am that Christian who “has one foot on the planet and the other in Jesus.” That is the reason I am confronting a trouble at the present time and why God appears to be quiet with respect to it. The Spirit drove me to this article since I discovered it unintentionally and I expected to hear. I will reflect on this today and tomorrow morning. Much thanks to you.”

4. FROM VIRGINIA on a similar blog entry:

“On the off chance that you don’t feel Gods nearness in your life, this is on account of you are closing Him out by protecting yourself in wrongdoing”… I cherish this expression … I’m so grateful for this article. I’m youthful only 19 … an age which is extremely hard to take after Christ, however, I’m happy He saved me … however, I have been feeling so far off from Him … your article has helped a ton … I’d ask for you keep me in supplications coz the excursion isn’t so natural … Remember, the individuals who stay reliable until the point that the end will enter the kingdom … God favors you.”

5. FROM MARY on a similar blog entry:

“Much obliged to you such a great amount for your petitions! I have been put something aside for just about 13 years. In the first place, I would hear God conversing with me at that point time passed and I didn’t get notification from Him any longer. In any case, He told me that He is dependable with me notwithstanding when I didn’t feel like He was there.

“When I turned into another Christian 13 yrs back I didn’t get into chapel like I ought to need to develop in my association with the Lord since I have a non-Christian spouse that does not need me to go to chapel. So I was not ready to develop in the Lord like I ought to have. I think when preliminaries came and I shouted out to the Lord for help yet didn’t get notification from Him or see an addressed supplication. I lost trust and confidence in Him. Likewise, I got the opportunity to trust He didn’t love me. This article of yours has opened my eyes to the actuality that He loves me however regardless I require many petitions for an association with the Lord. Much obliged to you for your supplications.

God needs us to petition Him and take our considerations to Him.

Songs 55:22 instructs us to “Cast your weight on the Lord, and He will maintain you; He will never allow the equitable to be moved.”

6. FROM MA’KAEL on the blog “For what reason Would God Ever Want to Love a Sinner Like Me?”:

“I would have never figured I could ever observe those words from God. That was something I needed to hear for as long as I can remember.”

God cherishes every single one of us enough to send His Son, Jesus, to have our spot on the cross.

He paid the value that our wrongdoings would be pardoned … until the end of time.

7. FROM JUAN on a similar blog entry:

“Express gratitude toward God for this disclosure He has given you. Much obliged for sharing as I expected to peruse this. I have much to be appreciative for. This will influence me to refocus on the entirety of my activity.”

8. FROM MANDY on a similar blog entry:

“I simply read this. I have faith in God and I have acknowledged Christ as my hero yet I abhor myself, I loathe my life. I have numerous endowments however I additionally know the torment and mishandle and demise and things that a great many people know and I battle fiscally and battle with extreme uneasiness and I walk the lines of living God and needing to be Christ’s girl to needing the world to acknowledge me. However, the world appears to continually dismiss me. I’m sad in case I’m meandering I simply feel like I continue getting more established and I can’t get my life altogether or make sense of my motivation. I committed numerous errors in my past and all I need is a typical life. Not this life of cutting and sorrow and nervousness. I will be in my forties soon.”

(I addressed Mandy in an any longer answer. Yet, Christians ought to get it. We are on the planet, however, we are not of the world).

9. FROM PAULETTE on the blog “The Truth About Spiritual Outages and How to Fix Them”:

“Wonderful word, thank you for sharing. I posted it on Facebook. The Lord dropped control blackout in my soul. I looked into the definition then I discovered your instructing. Truly welcome it. Much obliged to you by and by. God favors you and keep you.”

10. FROM AHENKAN on the blog “How to Avoid the Dangers of Molding God Into Your Image”:

“Much obliged to you for helping me to remember the genuine gospel. Knowledge is an extraordinary blessing. Acclaim to our God.”

11. FROM SIBONGILE on the blog “How to be the Tip of the Spear in Spiritual Battles”:

“This is ground-breaking, particularly in our African culture they don’t know precisely how to keep the murkiness under control. They consider physical appearance and character that is worthy to spectators and not diving deep and grounded in the expression of the main Savior Jesus Christ.”

Key Takeaway

There is something great that happens to a man who makes an association with Jesus.

You can guess by a considerable lot of these remarks.

You can, at last, comprehend God’s plentiful love for YOU.

When you personally know Jesus, you have no uncertainty He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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